“O espiritismo, como é formulado por Kardec, é claro e profundo. Abrange as mais profundas questões filosóficas e morais. Como ciência, atende a todas as exigências de um paradigma científico bem formulado, com o rigor metodológico que pode ser exigido de uma verdadeira ciência. "- Cosme Massi” – Cosme Massi

Allan Kardec 1804 – 1869

Founder and codifier of Spiritism, Allan Kardec established a body of doctrine from a study of messages received by several mediums.  The Spirits’ Book was the first philosophical approach of Spiritism as  “the teachings given by the superior Spirits through the aid of diverse mediums.”  There we encounter all of the fundamental spiritist principles that define the universal and Divine laws.

“To be born, die, be reborn yet again, and constantly progress, that is the Law“

“All effects have a cause, all intelligent effects have an intelligent cause, and the power of the intelligent cause is in proportion to the size of the effect”

Arthur Conan Doyle 1859 – 1930

A British physician and writer, the creator of Sherlock Holmes was also a strong advocate of Spiritism and the author of Spiritist works.

“Either observers are liars or fools, or their observations are true.  When I say, without a doubt, that I have seen both my mother and my nephew in the presence of witnesses, while both were dead, it is clear that I belong to one or the other of these categories.  I leave to those who know me all of my work to decide.”

Camille Flammarion 1842 – 1925

French astronomer, founder of the “Astronomical Society of France,” Camille Flammarion is the author of several spiritist works in which he reported a large number of testimonials from post mortem manifestations.   He hoped to guide spiritist research through a resolutely scientific demonstration, sometimes criticizing his contemporaries’ religious drift towards the spiritist phenomena.

“I do not hesitate to say that the one who declares the spiritist phenomena contrary to science does not know what he is talking about.  In effect, it is natural, there is nothing supernatural about it, there is only what is unknown; but yesterday’s unknown becomes tomorrow’s truth.”

Cesare Lombroso 1835 – 1909

Italian criminologist and psychiatrist, Lombroso, after having denied for some time the possibility of communicating with the beyond, came to be a strong advocate of the spiritist cause.

“Treating spiritism as a fraud, are those who dispense with rational thought (…) I am embarrassed to have fought the possibility of spiritist phenomena.”

Gabriel Delanne 1857 – 1926

rench electrical engineer, Gabriel Delanne continued the work of the founder of spiritism, which he came to know in youth.  His father, Alexander, was a spiritist and friend of Allan Kardec.

At a time when metapsychology itself came to scientifically study the spiritist phenomena, Gabriel Delanne participated in this research, attending ectoplasmic sessions (seances), while remaining true to the spiritist philosophy which was notably developed in his work, “The immortal Soul” or “The Soul is immortal” (“L’âme est immortelle”).

He is the author of several books including “Spiritism before science” or “Le spiritisme devant la science”

“Is it reasonable to deny without studying or is it wise to refer to those who actually experimented with the necessary prudence?”

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